Hollywood, CA – Ewan McGregor, star of the movie Last Days in the Desert, was serendipitously cast for the roles of Jesus and Satan due to an internet meme. A major concern of the financers was to reach the Western mother and grandmother demographics with the movie, as they are the biggest audiences for religious films. While still in search of the lead for his movie, director Rodrigo García was reading his mother’s Facebook wall for research and scrolled by a picture of Ewan McGregor in the garb of Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars prequels. Beside the photo of McGregor was a cross and the phrase “Keep calm: Jesus loves you.” García instantly knew McGregor was his only hope for the role and immediately got in touch with his agent to offer him the part for the movie. García told us, “It is a fantastic meme, because mothers and grandmothers have reposted the picture, mistaking a Star Wars character for Jesus. People will think that we actually got Jesus to play himself for the movie. I pitched the idea to investors and they were thrilled about bringing in the mothers and grandmothers age range, along with Star Wars fans. Whoever cut out that picture and placed it on their mantle, thank you. Even I mistook him for Jesus at first, in the Hollywood tradition of whitewashing and giving him blue eyes. I am proud to continue that legacy.”

By Justin Schwartz


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