Nashville, TN – Numerous years after his childhood accident, Phil Keaggy’s missing finger has been found.  Discovery of the finger, found in an incorrupt state, has led to recirculation of the legend that claims Jimmy Hendrix said Keaggy was the greatest guitar player.

After the discovery, Keaggy said he “didn’t miss the finger,” so it was donated to the Gospel Music Association.  It is reported that the finger will be inducted into the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame at next year’s ceremony.  Until that time, the finger is on display at Michael W. Smith’s garage on his ranch.  Guitarists from all over the US, who loved his solo work, and work with Glass Harp, have come to see the incorrupt relic.  Fans throw their picks in a gold bowl as a sign of veneration.  One fan on a pilgrimage from Los Angeles, CA said, “The finger is beyond nature.”


Photo Credit: friesen4 via Compfight cc


One thought on “Phil Keaggy’s Finger Found, Becomes Relic for Gospel Music Association

  1. Beyond Nature! 🙂 My all-time favorite record period. And I have a wide range of music tastes but Beyond Nature is the pinnacle of music I’ve ever heard! Amazing melodies, tones.. well I’m not a music critic writer but It’s the best!

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