Montgomery, AL – It’s the sixth week of classes at Alabama Bible College, and Trent Collins still believes he is at a Christian summer camp.  His roommate Rob has tried to convince him otherwise, but he doesn’t listen.  “He refers to the professors as counselors, the coffee shop as canteen, and our RA as Cabin Dad.  At least once a week, he insists on having a pillow fight,” explained Rob.  “He rededicates his life every Tuesday night at our student-led worship gathering.  He even calls it Vespers.”

We asked Trent about his classes.  He said, “Classes?  What classes? I do occasionally attend some seminars and workshops, but they are optional.  The options are numerous.  It’s strange when the leader says something about me not being on the roster.  Hey, do you know when it is swim time?”

Rob reports that Trent plans to dig a campfire pit behind the dorm for a sing-along this evening:  “Trent bought every bag of marshmallows at our local grocery store.  He has lots of extra money, since he hasn’t bought any textbooks.”


Photo Credit: stevendepolo via Compfight cc


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