Following a scathing article by Jonathan Merritt, public outcry against the social media practices of The Gospel Coalition has risen dramatically. @donttazemebro94 tweeted “@TGC you mad bro? #censorthis #idowhatiwant #blockedbytgc” which seems to indicate displeasure at The Gospel Coalition’s use of the block feature to limit interaction with reasonable critics and internet trolls alike.

A protester standing outside D. A. Carson’s office wore a sandwich board that read, “I have a voice.” She refused to give her name, but commented, “As a Christian I have a right to be heard by every church, congregation, and parachurch organization. The fact that I ardently disagree with TGC’s entire confessional statement and am in no way affiliated with them shouldn’t mean I don’t have a voice in their organization.”

Activists from the Troll Rights Movement, an organization supporting the rights of internet and actual trolls, has joined the protest insisting they be given full access to TGC’s electronic properties and troll representation on their council. Garrosh Hellscream, the spokesman for TRM, stated, “Our people have been forcibly removed. It is an outrage. The warriors of Azeroth will band together and win this garrison mission even if it means laying waste the entire Coalition.”

The Gospel Coalition has not yet responded to the protest and remains unaware of it as all protesters have already been blocked.

By Martin Bender of Two Bearded Preachers


Photo Credit: Fake D. A. Carson via Compfight cc

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