Boulder, CO – Free Church meets in the back room of O’Fallon’s Pub.  Weekly services regularly include prayer, Scripture reading, and discussion of a Coen Brother’s film.  Members usually stick around to imbibe some Kale Ale after the gathering.

Once a month, they celebrate the Eucharist with non-GMO, gluten-free, organic communion bread and organic, sulfite-free wine.  Pastor Lance explained, “We started with organic bread, but, after prayerful consideration, we have progressed into eliminating GMO’s and gluten.”

Greater holiness may come.  Some members are refusing to take communion, because the honorary church baker wasn’t able to assure them the rice flour was fair-trade.  One member tweeted, “There better not be any of that sh*t in there.” Others are campaigning for the addition of flax seed and quinoa.


Photo Credit: annies_larder_margate via Compfight cc

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