Denver, CO – Paul Spencer, Preaching Minister of High Community Church, is well known for his self-professed exegetical abilities.  To other ministers in his local minister’s group, he occasionally refers to his master’s thesis on the Feeding of the 4,000.  He professes ultimate obedience to the historical-grammatical method.  This is reflected in his frequent jokes about Origen, medieval interpretation, and an allegorical interpretation of Song of Solomon.

In the midst of his current sermon series on Mark, he felt compelled to address the high level of panic among his congregation related to cultural decline.  On Sunday he preached on Mark 4:35-41.  Concluding his sermon he said, “The storm is the surrounding secular, American culture.  The boat is the church.  You are the disciples.  Jesus is Jesus.  Pray, and get Jesus’ attention, and he will tell this storm to “Be still!”

Thanks to his message, members of the congregation now say, “Even the culture obeys Him,” when a state passes a new pro-life law.


Photo Credit: nomad7674 via Compfight cc


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