In a recent interview, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Michael Curry, said, “The Spirit does not speak in Africa as loudly as in America.  The Spirit guides the American church uniquely in its acceptance of homosexuality.  The rains may be blessed down in Africa, but not the moral theology.”

When asked about the recent visit of President Obama to Africa, Curry responded, “It is great that the president spoke to those primitive Christians about their out-of-date views about sexuality and marriage.  In the 19th century, Western missionaries were a bad thing and didn’t respect the value found in all cultures.  Things are different now.  We have progressed so much further.  The West must act decisively.”

When challenged how the Anglicans in Africa differed from Christians in all cultures for the last 2,000 years, Curry said, “The Spirit has been silent on this issue until the 1970’s in America and Western Europe.  Full revelation has come through Hollywood thanks to Will & Grace and Glee.  Oh, and some of those guys lived in Africa:  Augustine, Cyprian, and Cyril.”


Photo Credit: ggonget via Compfight cc

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