Hiram, OH –This coming summer semester, James Garfield University is offering a much anticipated and hyped church history class. In a dream team like move, juggernauts of church history Dr. DJ Dull and Dr. Earl Boring will co-teach an intensive class titled ‘American Church History’ as visiting professors.

Teachers and fans of the subject have petitioned for this to occur for years. To the delight of The Society of American Church History, it is finally happening. Dr. Justin Turner, president of the society, told us “I’ve always wanted a book to place on my coffee table for a conversation piece that read ‘Dull and Boring’ in big letters on the spine. All of my guests would get a kick out of that. But that hasn’t happened yet, so this is the next best thing.” Billy-Bob Ray, tenured history professor at James Garfield University, told us “The idea for the class started as a joke based on their names. Everyone knows that church history courses can be mind-numbing and sleep inducing. And rumor has it that Dr. Dull has a history of ‘PowerPointing’ his way through a class, though his slide presentation music is fantastic. I’m just considering auditing it so that I can tell people that I took a ‘Dull and Boring History Class.’ That will make my colleagues chuckle.”

At this time, one week prior to the start of classes, no one has registered for ‘American Church History.’ We asked the school registrar for an explanation and he told us “We have attempted to work with Dull and Boring’s schedules for years and the stars have finally aligned. We assumed this class would be packed by eager students. What do people think this is, a joke?”

By Justin Schwartz


Photo Credit: Damien Walmsley via Compfight cc


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