Nashville, TN – At a recent playdate, Nicole Spencer questioned Jennifer Brown’s rationality and belief in science.  Nicole refuses to vaccinate her children or let any of the family eat GMOs.

Nicole: So, you home school your kids?

Jennifer:  Yes.

Nicole:  Why?

Jennifer:  Many reasons, but I don’t particularly like the unbalanced perspective on evolution and human origins presented in public schools.

Nicole:  You don’t believe in science?

Jennifer:  I do believe in science.

Nicole:  You probably don’t believe in human-caused climate change either.

Jennifer:  I don’t.

Nicole:  What about scientific consensus?  You’re being dumb and ridiculous.

Jennifer:  Let’s talk more after you eat some of these GMO crackers and give your kids the MMR.

Nicole:  But Jenny McCarthy said…


Photo Credit: “Life Cinematic” via Compfight cc


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