New York, NY – Hillsong United is coming out with a new album in July, and to promote it, Joel Houston sat down for an interview with us and also revealed some of the new lyrics.

BP: What is the new album’s title?

JH: The Weeping Worshippers

BP: What is the album about?

JH: We have undergone an evolution in lyrical content. Before, we just sang about the same thing in every song, using passages from Bible Promises For You. But then, we discovered Pixar’s movie Inside Out. Man, it turned our world upside down. There are sad marbles in all of us. So, to make up for this oversight in all of our past work, we decided to write an album dedicated to sad worship.

BP: What makes it a concept album? What are your influences on this album?

JH: We recently found out that the Psalms are mostly laments – crazy stuff. To bring the album together, we focused on them. For the packaging, the casing for the vinyl is made from sackcloth and our name and the title are written in ash. Our current influences are church liturgy and corporate confession. All songs begin, appropriately, with “O what a wretch I am.” Some of the titles are: “A Leper’s Cry,” “Why Oh Why God,” “Shave My Head but Not My Heart,” and “I Have No Robe to Tear, Take My Beard Instead.”


Song lyrics include:

“You turned the river to blood,

drowned the whole world with a flood,

there’s no one like you, like you Lord.”


“My Jesus, my Savior,

Lord I have been such a fool”


“I want to see you, but I can’t see right now.

I’ll never see you, oh Lord.”


BP: How do you think the fans will react?

JH: We realize that “valley of the shadow of death” is Third World stuff. But that’s a bigger market share. K-Love will just have to change their motto from “Positive and Encouraging” to “Real and Challenging.”

In response to the interview, a worship leader of Hillsong Church in Sydney told us, “Hillsong United used to inspire us with mindless repeating praise music, but now they have to come out with something that is unique and well thought out? Man, I’m not sure if I can handle it.”

By Justin Schwartz and Jason Sommerfeldt


Photo Credit: Thank you for stopping by! via Compfight cc

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