Jacksonville, FL – New Hope Fellowship of Jacksonville has captured much attention recently by selling its buildings and property to focus on “information ministry.” Pastor Mark Williams said of the plan, “We have an excellent opportunity to meet people where they are. Maybe not where they physically are, but meet them where they are on the internet, social media, and other communications platforms.” New Hope’s plan is to use the time and resource that have previously been used for real life worship, fellowship, and education toward building a digital community of believers requiring no physical interaction.

“Most people do their shopping online, work online, why not worship God and disciple people online?” User bluntasticcreeper23 commented on New Hope’s newly released YouTube announcement of their plan. Subscribers to New Hope’s channel voiced varying degrees of support while other’s filled the comments section with racially insensitive posts causing New Hope to turn off comments.

“We expect some criticism from older Christians and nonbelievers, but we feel the best possible way for us to reach our community is to devote ourselves to the internet. Doing this reduces our carbon footprint and keeps us in the middle of the action in our ever growing world.”

New Hope Fellowship services can be experiences through their Facebook page, @NewHope411 on both Instagram and Twitter, and through NewHope411 on SnapChat, Pinterest, Farmers Only, and YouTube. Check out their website newhope411.com for more information about their upcoming Line and WhatsApp services.

By Martin Bender of Two Bearded Preachers


Photo Credit: P3 Marketing Strategies via Compfight cc

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