Lakeland, FL — At Shiloh College, summer dreams for upperclassmen have been dashed.  On campus, we observed male and female juniors and seniors peeking behind bushes, clandestinely looking through windows, and casually pretending to read on benches during freshmen orientation.

We caught up with a few of the students and asked their impression of the new class.  Ben, a junior, responded, “There are no hot chicks.  What am I going to do?  The girls on campus have either shot me down, broke up with me, got married, or chosen a celibate missionary life.”  Jen was also dismayed:  “I’m a senior, and I only have a short time left to catch a man.  All these new guys look like they are 16.”

In hopes of addressing the problem, the Student Cabinet plans to petition the university to be more selective in its admissions process.  The Student Cabinet President said, “The careful review of application pictures is a must.”


Photo Credit: Ripon College via Compfight cc

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