St. Davids, PA — In the greatest textual discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls, Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne have discovered 3 chapters from the Gospel of Matthew that Christians have never read before.  We asked church-goers to react to the discovery.  One, Martha, 60 year member of First Baptist Church, said, “Apparently, these newly discovered chapters of Matthew 5-7, being called the Sermon on the Mount, were always there right in front of my nose.  I always thought that large section of red was a printing error or something accidentally included from a gnostic gospel.”

When asked about the discovery, Campolo said, “This will alter Christianity forever.  Unlike other biblical passages that have been debated for 2,000 years, this section’s meaning is completely obvious leading to only one possible interpretation.”

A nearby Franciscan community has decided to adopt the name Red Letter Christians.  One friar said, “If St. Francis had only known about this, things would have been so much better.”


Photo Credit: jypsygen via Compfight cc

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