Santa Ana, CA — In an attempt to draw more viewers to their channel and save souls, Trinity Broadcasting Network has begun production on a reboot of the biblical Book of Judges. TBN’s President and head of operations Matt Crouch told us that the time was ripe for this type of story because of successes like Game of Thrones (GoT), The Bible miniseries, Noah, and endless gritty reboots. “There is a huge audience of people waiting to be saved. 10.7 million sinners – so many lost souls – tuned in to the new season premiere of GoT in the USA alone. We feel compelled to evangelize this audience for the God of Israel and we know we will succeed because we have The. True. Story.”

We were shown the teaser trailer, in which the narrator states: *In the shocking true stories of the Book of Judges, you’ll struggle to pronounce the character’s names. Political intrigue and moves for power among different families will fascinate you. Murder, assassination, human sacrifice, a brother having 70 of his brothers killed, near extinction of an entire tribe, and more will disgust you. Instruments of death like tent stakes, sling shots, stones, a donkey jawbone, and more will have you searching your home. The death toll will have your head spinning. And it’s been in the Bible all along. So dust off your Bible and read ahead so you can spoil it for your friends.*

Crouch concluded, “We’ll broadcast a show worse than anything you’ve ever seen on TV. You’ll just have to watch and see. The only thing we won’t stand for in the show is cursing. Other than that, we are going to make the Bible cool again, because Hell awaits.”

By Justin Schwartz


Photo Credit: Kevissimo via Compfight cc


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