PAUL, MN – This fall, Christian ska and open theism will join forces to tour the country. God only knows what will happen. The Insyderz, Five Iron Frenzy, and the O. C. Supertones will perform. They will be accompanied by John Sanders and Greg Boyd who will lecture while the stage is reset between bands.  Both the bands and the lecturers agree that, individually, they didn’t have any sustaining power over Christians after the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Together, they think they can become a lasting force in Christianity.  In Sander’s words, “If God can take risks, we can too.”

Boyd emotionally explained, “We are calling the tour ‘Skanking for Pinnock’ in honor of the great open theist Clark Pinnock.  He unfortunately won’t get to see the fruits of this great movement of horns and freewill.”

The bands will be playing all their hits, but they have written some new songs for the tour.  The debuts include “God Repents” (Supertones), “Process This” (Insyderz), and “God’s Just in Time” (FIF).

An undisclosed source from the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) says that ska music will be voted on at the next annual meeting.


Photo Credit: Eric Berger via Compfight cc


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