Charleston, SC – Todd Beckwith jumped at the chance to teach the adult Sunday School class at Crossroads Church this past Sunday. “I was excited when Pastor Daniels asked me to teach,” said Beckwith, “I love sharing from God’s Word.” He was greatly distressed, however, when he could not locate his favorite verse in the Bible. “I stared at my concordance for almost 15 minutes, but I couldn’t find the phrase, “It’s not a religion; it’s a relationship.” He ended up showing YouTube testimonials that featured the phrase instead. Beckwith states, “It’s disappointing that this so-called exhaustive concordance is missing that verse. It makes me wonder what other verses they are censoring.”

At first, Beckwith thought it was simply a misprint, but he later discovered it was missing other key verses as well. “I looked for the verse that says, ‘God will never give you more than you can handle,’ and I couldn’t find it. It was also missing, ‘When God closes a door; he opens a window.’” Finally, he threw the concordance away when he searched for the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason,” and came up empty. “It’s ridiculous,” said Beckwith, “the bumper of my car contains more Scripture than this concordance.”

Todd Beckwith’s next class will meet on Sunday morning to study the poem, “Footprints.”

By Tim Barbee


Photo Credit: klikomatic via Compfight cc


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