Des Moines, IA – Local man, Robbie Wright, has gained new confidence in his political and religious perspectives by unfriending Facebook friends who have views that differ from his own.  Wright said, “Certitude has increased.  I feel no need to think, question, and analyze.  It’s really great!”  When asked about his number of Facebook friends, he responded, “I have whittled down to two now, my mom and my wife.  I started with 500 or so, but I was living a life of intellectual discomfort.”

Wright’s wife fears she will be cut soon:  “He put an angry face on something I posted about GMOs.  I think my time is coming.”

Wright’s Facebook experience has been so successful he is considering applying it to his physical life:  “Me, my dog, a cabin in the woods, and news sources of my choosing…It will be the perfect safe space.”


Photo Credit: Oli Dunkley via Compfight cc


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