Little Rock, AR — In a move to be more biblical, preaching minister Leroy Jenkins has ceased delivering sermons to his congregation during worship services. Instead, Leroy has adopted another form of communication with the people in church—the open letter. He grew tired of having to perform, write sermons with three points that all begin with the same letter, and be nice to people during the sermon time. After reading multiple open letters of a critical nature on Facebook, Mr. Jenkins realized that it would be the perfect medium for replacing preaching.

Leroy told us: “Working at this church has destroyed my once happy demeanor. In fact, these people have driven me to despair. But with open letters I can be ironic, snide, rude, vindictive, and just plain mean, all at the same time. Of course, it is all in the service of imitating Jesus’ way of talking to religious people in the Gospels and adopting the Apostle Paul’s form of address to churches. This is the most biblical idea I have ever carried out. I am certain this will be a successful venture.”

Soon after the interview, Mr. Jenkins’ congregation wrote an open letter calling for his resignation.

By Justin Schwartz


Photo Credit: bvpicsam via Compfight cc


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