Dayton, TN – This week, Rachel Held Evans, famous author, blogger, and religious adviser to President Obama, announced the conclusion of her blog.  She explained, “Over Lent, I decided to give up calling other people’s positions BS or bull@#$% on Twitter, in my articles, and in my blog.”  She continued to explain how this solemn time led her to serious self-reflection:  “I realized I had run out of things to complain about from my individual experience with conservative Christianity at home, church, and college.  There’s nothing left to say.”

After the announcement, millennials have been in complete panic.  One said, “Who is going to tell me what to dislike about my congregation?  How am I going to see through all the evangelical bull@#$%?”  Even so, millennial moms are excited that Evans will now author a new book about how other parenting styles, besides her own, are bull@#$%.


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