ATLANTA, GA—Unable to contain his excitement about the success of his new website of sermon archives, “Of God and Google,” local pastor Bob Smith confirmed its popularity.  “When I was in college you had to dig books out the library, update the illustrations and news stories, but now with the speed of the internet, it’s no longer necessary,” Smith noted to sources. “We live in a technological time, when a preacher can focus his time on blogging, loving people in coffee shops, and other demanding social activities and still preach a dynamic sermon!  What’s even better is these sermons are all rated above a 85% success rate.”

Smith elaborated on the success rate.  A success rate of 85% means that the sermon achieved the following: Offering that exceeded the previous year by 4.5% (+/- 3% for online accounting fee); attendance that at least matched the previous year; and resulted in no fewer than 7% of Sunday attendees saying, “Great sermon, preacher.”

“The plan is quite amazing.  We can reach more people with fewer messages!  If the 2nd century church leaders had a strategy that worked similar to ours, the world would be a different place.”

How much does it cost?  “The overhead is somewhat steep.  We send trust-based evaluations to all preachers that submit sermons and evaluate about 10% of each preacher’s sermons for quality control.”  Smith continued, “You just don’t want some message out there that hasn’t been proved effective.”

When asked about the role of Spirit in communication Smith added, “The Spirit guides numerous preachers to my innovative website every single day, mostly Sunday mornings.”

By Frank Sanders


Photo Credit: Perzec via Compfight cc


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