Baltimore, MD – A New Testament professor at Collosae Christian College regularly responds to student requests for assistance with Greek tattoos.  Typically, Dr. Andy Jones helps students with words such as love, grace, and peace.

Bryce Ballard, a senior, recently received a different idea.  The previous week, Bryce turned in an exegetical paper he downloaded from the internet.  Unwisely, he later asked Dr. Jones how to write “resurrection” in Greek, since Philippians 3:4b-11 is his favorite passage of Scripture.  Dr. Jones took the time to sit down with Bryce and look over the passage in his Greek New Testament.  Instead of pointing to anastasis, he pointed to skubalon.

Whenever his fellow classmates see him, they ask if he ever washed all that crap off his arm.  Reportedly, he plans to wear only long sleeve shirts during the New Testament Study Tour in Greece next month.


Photo Credit: aRiekki via Compfight cc


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