Houston, TX – Bob Williams tells his family every Sunday at lunch that he can preach better than his pastor.  Tired of the complaining, his wife Nancy dared him to prove it.  Upon accepting the dare, she arranged an opportunity for Bob to preach while Pastor Mike was gone on vacation.

Two minutes into the sermon, the um’s were so plentiful that the moms in the cry room started a betting pool to guess how many he would say by the end.

A retired preacher in the congregation said he broke nearly every homiletics rule:  “He apologized for his inexperience at the beginning.  He had 8 points.  There was no big idea.  Most of his points were drawn from the etymologies of English words in the passage.  He actually broke every rule in D. A. Carson’s Exegetical Fallacies.”

Unfortunately, Nancy says he didn’t learn his lesson:  “He has stopped complaining about the sermons, but now he complains about the singing.  Even so, we refuse to subject the congregation to that sort of torture.  He sounds like a strangled cat.”


Photo Credit: zenjazzygeek via Compfight cc

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