David Tune is a 19 year old from Rooster Lodge, MO who recently graduated from high school and is planning on attending Bible College to study Christian worship. He loves Taylor guitars and carries his own Taylor wherever he goes. Last week he got engaged to his high school sweet heart and is looking forward to their future together. But all of David’s plans were recently put on hold when he was served by a legal representative for Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI). David was shocked by the summons; he is facing jail time and $1 million in fines.

The trouble for David began over the summer when he led worship at an area church campground for a high school week and didn’t purchase a CCLI license. Little did David know that one camper recorded a video of him leading worship of a Chris Tomlin set of songs and uploaded it to their YouTube page. In the aforementioned video, the projection screen allegedly shows the lyrics to the songs but no CCLI license information. CCLI representatives were alerted to the video and investigated further, discovering that David nor the campground had a CCLI license and were in violation of the law.

Lars Ulrich, drummer for the band Metallica and the leader behind the movement that took down song sharing service Napster, has teamed up with and heads Chris Tomlin’s legal team. In a statement he gave, he said “At the moment, David Tune is the unforgiven. This situation is sad but true, but copyright infringement is no joke. The bell tolls for David and we believe that he deserves the maximum punishment allowable by the law and should be prosecuted to its fullest extent.” He continued: “We hope the judge makes an example out of him, making him king nothing, so that the memory remains and this won’t happen again. We have to protect artists and the music that is the fuel of their livelihood. Young people think everything is free these days, but piracy happens in many forms, even at churches. God is not pleased by your eighth commandment breaking worship. We hope that this is the day that never comes again.”

David is currently being held without bail at the county jailhouse for fear of him continuing to illegally lead worship songs or leave the country on a mission trip. His guitar has been ceased by authorities and impounded. He is also wearing a device around his neck that limits him from singing or holding a guitar without being electrocuted.

“It won’t be long before he’s singing a different tune, like ‘One.’ But he better buy the song and get my permission first,” Lars Ulrich warned.

By Justin Schwartz


Photo Credit: sniggie via Compfight cc


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