On Sunday, a representative from NARAL tweeted, “Ridiculous Texas hand-washing law unfairly restricts access to abortion leading to back-alley horrors.” This was immediately after a Dawn dish soap ad aired during the Super Bowl.

Dawn soap made with the active ingredient Zoe has been a sensitive subject lately. Pro-choice advocates have been fearful that the requirement for doctors to use the new surgical scrub could lead to abortion clinic closures.  One Planned Parenthood official said, “The time it takes to scrub, and the extra cost for the soap, is leading to mass closures.  Our officials are perfectly clean.  They shower daily and wash their hands after using the restroom and before meals like their moms taught them.  This extra process takes away time from helping women, which leads to less revenue.  There are so few clinics left.  Women cannot reach them.”

In related news, the president plans to meet with environmental advocates to discuss additional emergency funds to purchase thousands of gallons of Dawn soap to deal with the oil spill on Florida’s West Coast.  Numerous seabirds have been suffering from the poisonous, black sludge.


Photo Credit: NewsHour via Compfight cc

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