Scholars of church music have spent over a decade speculating about the spiritual meaning of the pre-chorus in David Crowder’s “Here is Our King.”

The ocean is growing

The tide is coming in; here it is

To the amazement of all, Crowder confirmed in a recent interview with WAY-FM that the lyrics are meaningless:  “When I wrote it, I was sitting by the Maine coast.  The tide comes in really fast there.  It caught me off-guard.  As long as the chorus is appropriate for congregational worship, I just put whatever in the verses and other parts of the song.”

We asked a couple of individuals about the revelation.  One congregant said, “I never noticed anything unusual.  What were the words again?”  A worship minister said, “I am just glad I don’t have to make up spiritual interpretations anymore.”


Photo Credit: roger_mommaerts via Compfight cc


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