Fayetteville, NC – A family of eight, who was tired of being chronically late to their church, decided the solution is to simply move into the church building.  Bob and Cathy Johnson report that the last time they arrived at church on time was just before the birth of their first child more than a decade ago.  It had been so long that they no longer knew how a church service actually begins.  According to Cathy, “We have tried and tried to get the kids out of bed, dressed, and out the door for church but doing so is rather like herding cats on crack.  We gave up on breakfast, brought all the kids in their pajamas, and changed to later and later services, but, after arriving a 12:30 for the noon service for six months straight, we just decided to move in.”

Pastor Richard said in an interview that after having every sermon for 10 years interrupted by the chronically late Johnsons allowing them to move into his church was a no-brainer.  The elders took a bit more convincing, but, after Bob and Cathy volunteered to take over building cleaning and grounds maintenance, the elders came around.

After two weeks living in the church, the family has been on time to one service.  According to Bob, “It was a challenge for the first week.  The kids thought that they were at a lock-in and wanted to play games and eat pizza 24 hours a day; however, after staying up for 96 hours straight, they finally crashed and reverted to a more normal schedule.”  Bob and Cathy are optimistic that in a few weeks they will also be able to get all 6 children across the parking lot to their school on time.

By Anonymous


Photo Credit: whiteknuckled via Compfight cc

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