One day before the 2016 United Methodist Church’s General Conference, in a move to shake up the proceedings, many clergy “came out” of the proverbial closet as practicing homosexuals. This move explicitly challenged a 2015 ruling by the denomination, with clergy essentially daring their superiors to discipline them.

In a similar move, an earthshattering declaration was made public by a group of clergy belonging to the Seventh-day Adventists. These clergy have made a huge splash in their denomination by denying the creation of the world in six twenty-four hour day periods. Instead, they believe in theistic evolution. Some clergy even go so far as to deny the existence of the historical Adam and Eve.

It is expected that there will be heated discussion at the upcoming General Conference Session to determine the direction of the church on these issues. Following the declaration, riots have already broken out at multiple churches in North America. In the midst of this carnage, several Seventh-day Adventists spoke with us, but asked to not be identified for their own protection.

One clergyman on the opposite side of the spectrum said, “This is a slippery slope, if I have ever been acquainted with one! What’s next for Seventh-day Adventists, eating bacon?! This cannot stand!”

One caller told us, “If these clergy are right, we might start meeting for church on Sundays. I’ll finally be able to have my garage sale at a time when most people aren’t in church. I’m already planning it and expect to make a bundle!”

A protester outside of Seventh-day Adventist headquarters told us, “Only the return of Ellen White can save us.”

Multiple church members called and expressed a similar sentiment, put succinctly: “I am beginning to realize that I can be rational and a Christian. I’m really not sure what to do, as I’ve never had this much possible freedom before.”

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

By Justin Schwartz

Photo Credit: Robby Virus via Compfight cc


One thought on “Seventh-day Adventist Clergy Come Out of Closet as Theistic Evolutionists

  1. (this is a copy of my comment posted in response to a link to your blog post on Facebook)
    The most comprehensive history on the modern “Scientific Creationism” movement remains _The_Creationists_ by former Adventist Ronald Numbers.
    Morris and Holcomb’s _The_Genesis_Flood_ which is the founding manifesto of the contemporary YEC movement is based mainly on the work of Canadian Adventist apologist George McCready Price, whose works support the pronouncements of Adventism’s founder, Ellen G. White.
    Seventh Day Adventism is based on a literalist understanding of 2 Peter 3:8 which talks about a day being like a thousand years in the Lord’s sight. Adventists follow the suggestions of church fathers including Irenaeus, Hippolytus and Lactantius that the Petrine statement connotes a relationship between the days of creation and epochs of human history, so that there are six literal thousand-year long “days of the Lord” (the six days of creation) then the Advent of the resurrected Christ on the Seventh Day which will inaugurate a millennial kingdom.
    Because of this radical chiliastic understanding not only of the eschaton but also of history itself, Adventism’s theological core cannot admit any other view. For Adventist clergy to accept theistic evolution along with a mainstream view of the age of the Earth (and the wider universe which is older by 9 billion years or so) will shake the very foundations of Adventist theology. This is an interesting development indeed!


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