Charlotte, NC – This week the city of Charlotte passed an ordinance requiring veterinarians to provide medical care to men and women who identify as cats.  The Committee on Anthrofeline Rights has declared victory.  “If someone says they are cat, they are a cat,” said Fluffy Garfield, current president for the organization.  “And they deserve to be treated like any other cat.  Forcing a person to visit a doctor is inhumane and a violation of basic human rights.”

Not all are happy with the new requirement.  One veterinarian, Cathy Grant, was worried about malpractice charges:  “I don’t want to be liable for something I did wrong when offering treatment outside of my training.”  Another vet, Sean Warren, feared for safety on the roads:  “If I put the cone of shame on their neck after a procedure, how is that going work when they are driving?  The lack of peripheral vision is an accident waiting to happen.”

The Christian Counseling Association had submitted a statement to the city urging them not to pass the ordinance.  An excerpt of the statement reads, “God made humans male and female in His image.  Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess, did not create people.  People who identify as cats are to be loved, helped, and protected from harm and hate, but this solution does not address the underlying mental illness and distress.  It also creates a dangerous situation for them and others.”  The group’s advice was not heeded due to its current classification as a hate group by the moderate, religious news agencies, Think Progress and Mother Jones.


Photo Credit: HAMACHI! via Compfight cc


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