Williamstown, KY – Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter theme park is selling tickets in preparation for its grand opening on July 7, 2016.  Around the country, visitors wanting to see the life-size recreation of Noah’s Ark are flocking to the internet to make their purchases.

A significant number have reported hearing the voice of God while visiting the website.  Louis of West Virginia said, “I thought God would sound like thunder or a whisper, but he sounded just like Morgan Freeman.”  Andrea from Indiana reported, “The voice told me to click the donate button on the website.  It sounded so wise.  I couldn’t refuse.  I can best describe it as the voice of the wise wizard on the The Lego Movie.  I felt special.”

Use the coupon code “EVAN” for 25% off your ticket purchases until the park opens.


Photo Credit: Nathan Congleton via Compfight cc


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