Los Angeles, CA — Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is to become Bill Nye “The Relationship Guy.”  Encouraged by the popularity of his reflections on philosophy on his show, Tuesdays with Bill, and national attention to his philosophical wisdom on the abortion debate, Bill Nye will expand the show to include relationship advice for couples experiencing marital difficulties.

Bill said, “When I saw Canadian pop star, Alanis Morissette, had such a popular ‘Ask Alanis’ column in The Guardian, I knew this was the time to expand.  She knows everything about relationships with friends, spouses, and family members.”  When questioned if his invalid marriage disqualified him to work with couples, he said, “Everyone knows my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering makes me an expert on all topics of knowledge.”

Bill encouraged people to watch the first episode to discuss relationships, because famed zoologist, and thrice married man, Richard Dawkins, will be a guest on the show.


Photo Credit: Will Folsom via Compfight cc

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