Greensboro, NC – After cancelling his show in Greensboro, NC due to the recent “bathroom bill,” The Boss has cancelled shows all across America.  In a statement on his website, Springsteen wrote, “I can’t find a single state in the Union that has perfectly crafted laws that support my opinions.  Until they do, I am not playing in their states.  Did you know that in Maine you can’t hunt on Sunday?  In some places you can’t buy liquor at a grocery store, or you have to buy alcohol after a certain time on Sunday?  In other places you can’t have an abortion whenever you want during the pregnancy?”

We tried to interview some students at Greensboro Central High School about the issue, but they had never heard of Bruce Springsteen.  “I had heard my parents talking about PayPal refusing to open a new location in Charlotte.  They are such a morally respectable company,” said one senior.  When asked about their business expansion in Cuba where homosexuals can be imprisoned and executed, he said, “That’s different.  They have to make money, don’t they?”


Photo Credit: adwriter via Compfight cc

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