Orlando, FL – When the Williams’ were preparing for a recent move to a new home, Stacey discovered her husband’s collection of Rebecca St. James memorabilia.  “I was just boxing things up and ridding things out, and I find this box of posters, CD’s, a t-shirt, an autographed headshot, and concert photos,” grumbled Stacey. “You could have made a 90’s shrine out of it.”  Her husband Andy said, “I forgot I even had it.  I told Stacey years ago I had a crush on Rebecca.  How could I not?  With the Australian accent, she was like the Nicole Kidman of CCM.  Rebecca is married now anyway.  That was a hard time for me, but I’m over it now.”

Due to a compromise, Andy gets to keep the CD’s without the album art.  Andy quietly told us, “She doesn’t know it, but I still have the t-shirt in the garage.  I get to use it as a shop rag. It works great to rub down my Camaro.”

All proceeds from the pre-move, garage sale are going to fund Stacey’s women’s Bible study trip to see the New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) on their reunion tour.


Photo Credit: cmcentral via Compfight cc


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