People are excited about a Christian replacement for the social media outlet Facebook, named Godsbook. Sean Brownsmith, the creator, got the idea from In an interview, he told us, “If there could be a Christian replacement for Youtube, why not Facebook? Now we have a way for people to make it easier to separate their secular and religious lives on social media too.”

Some people believe that joining Godsbook will guarantee their place in heaven. One woman said, “I used to think you needed to be a church member to be enrolled in the Book of Life. Now I know I don’t have to join a church and then never attend again. I can just join this website and God will never forget my name and likeness. Because, you know, once things are on the internet, they are there forever.”

Christian homeschooling parents are also excited. One parent told us, “Finally, the Benedict option is available to our kids on social media and at home. I think this will help homeschooled children to not be so socially awkward. But, only time will tell.”

Two men see the launch of Godsbook as a sign of the end times.

Internet missionary Casey Campbell told us, “It’s just like Facebook, but this website is better because it can move up the date of Jesus’ second coming. Like it says in Matt 24:14, because Godsbook can reach the whole world, one Christian at a time.”

On the other hand, some see Godsbook as a ploy to get Christians to follow the Anti-Christ. Aaron Farrer, student of Dispensational Bible College, told us that “Shaun Brownsmith is a poor imitation of Mark Zuckerberg. This is truly how the Anti-Christ works.”

Sean Brownsmith also told us, “If things go well with Godsbook, you’ll also see Christian versions of Twitter, Vine, Instagram, etc. We will expand, just like classic CCM bands you could only buy at Christian bookstores.”

By Justin Schwartz


Photo Credit: “PictureYouth” via Compfight cc

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