Athens, Georgia — The old joke about the seminary being the cemetery is in decline these days.  All over the country, Protestant universities with embedded seminaries are witnessing undergraduates in hot pursuit of theologically savvy seminarians.

We visited Truly Christian University to interview some students about the phenomenon.  Nicole, a junior, told us, “I completely melt when I hear one these guys say homoousios.  It sounds so sexy.  I really have no idea what it means, but theological terms are sweet nothings in my ear.”  Rachel, a sophomore, was drawn to the physicality of seminarians:  “Have you seen how many books they can carry out of the library?  That’s some baby-carrying material right there!”  Chris, a senior on the basketball team, says he has been studying hard for the first time, so he can have coffee with a biblical studies major.  “I thought Barth was on the Simpsons, but now I know better,” he said.  “When I saw her presenting a paper in a recent public forum, I was so turned-on by her analysis of the Hebrew in Song of Solomon.”

Some seminarians have taken advantage of the new trend resulting in marriages providing them with free proofreaders.  Others have been a little oblivious to the situation.  Daniel, a systematic theology student, said, “I thought she was joking when she asked me what my thesis was about.  Turns out, she was really interested.  Now my friend is engaged to her, and they talk theology without me all the time.”


Photo Credit: University Library of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy via Compfight cc


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