ST. LOUIS, MO — The leadership at 3,000 member Hill Street Community Church has closed its lobby coffee bar to open a microbrewery. Lead Pastor, John Summers, was delighted of the new development: “We are on the cutting edge of ministry here.  The craft beer movement has been booming for at least 10-15 years.”

Master Brewer, Rob Wright, presented a flight of some of their beers.  Rob said, “Just as we had a wide selection of coffee bean roasts, and countries of origin, we brew something for everyone.  We have the Ravi Zacharias India Pale Ale (IPA), the Os Guinness Stout, the Tim Hawkins Nut Brown, and the Joel Osteen Extra Pale, Extra Light, Low-Calorie Lager.”

Sandy Rogers, a new church member, said, “I love the Osteen.  I can only drink half of a Ravi.  I can double fist the Osteen.  It’s less filling, and has no taste, but it’s so easy to drink.”

Like any new ministry, the plan has required some tweaking.  Summers said, “The leadership had to make sure the brewery was only open after the service after one of the members got a little confused during the worship service.”  He continued, “The lead guitarist’s wife was not happy when the church secretary’s bra landed on his guitar neck.  In Candy’s defense, she thought she was at a Journey concert.  Or maybe she thought it was Styx.”

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